Lee Jae Wook Cites The Success Of “Alchemy Of Souls” As A Reason To Visit Manila; Talks About Tight Bond With Co-Stars

During the Manila press conference of Korean actor Lee Jae Wook, the actor cited the success of “Alchemy Of Souls” as one of the reasons why he had the chance to visit Manila for a fan meeting.

He said, “It is the result of the hard work of the production team and other actors, as well,” as translated by Korean host-translator Sam Oh. He then added, “I would actually really like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the results that this drama has brought out.”

“Actually, I think the reason why I’m here is because of the role of Jang Uk in “Alchemy Of Souls. It really enabled me to tour in Asia,” he explained, pertaining to the widespread popularity of the drama.

The actor also expounded on his experience on set, stating that the character Jang Uk was a “role he had to play for a long time,” and “the shoots were quite long.” Hence, the drama has “become very close to his heart.” The actor also noted the tight bond between the cast members, as the filming for seasons one and two were only one week apart.

Lee Jae Wook’s Manila fan meeting in happening tonight, March 11, at the New Frontier Theater. Presented by: Wilbros Live.

Special thanks to: Wilbros Live for the press conference invite.

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