Song Hye Kyo Revealed She Didn’t Eat For 3 Days To Prepare For “The Glory” Episode 6

Song Hye Kyo revealed her preparation for episode 6 of  “The Glory” during the press conference for the Netflix Original Series. She mentioned that her makeup and scars took 4-5 hours to do, she also didn’t eat for 3 days, and didn’t even drank water the day before the shoot.

Photo courtesy of: Netflix, Screenshot: Netflix’s “The Glory”

Regarding the premiere of part two after three months since the first run, Song Hye Kyo also said that, at first, she was worried that people will forget about the show, but she was relieved to find out that people are been reviewing (re-watching) the scenes in the series in that span of time.

“The Glory” premieres via Netflix on March 10.

[Special thanks to: Netflix for the press conference invite]

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