AOMG Squad Parties With Manila Fans In 2023

AOMG’s Simon Dominic, Yugyeom, GRAY, LOCO, Lee Hi, and Woo performed in the Philippines last January 15—as the first K-hiphop acts to have a concert in Manila this 2023.

The first performer was Woo, who finished in third place in “Show Me The Money 6.” The rapper had set the mood for the concert as he parties with fans through songs such as “Pop It” and “Chik Chik Pok Pok,” among many others. He also shared that he recently travelled to Cebu, and added that both Cebu and Manila are two of his best travels.

Lee Hi then took the stage with her breath-taking vocals as she sings ballads such as “Breathe,” then, in between her set, she switched to her more upbeat tracks such as “Rose,” one of her earlier tracks from 2013.

Aside from LOCO’s usual jam, the artist also surprised the fans by playing “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” OST “Say Yes”—but ended up being surprised by how popular the song is as the audience started singing PUNCH’s lines. He ended his set with one of his tracks titled “No Manners.”

GRAY showcased his different musical talents by playing instruments and performing his well-known tracks such as “Dream Chaser” and “TMI.” He also coached the audience in singing some parts of his songs, as the crowd gladly obliged and sang along.

GOT7’s Yugyeom—who recently visited the Philippines for a solo concert in 2021—brought back his track “Take You Down” and many others to be a part of his set list. AOMG in Manila’s maknae (youngest) even performed his new song, “Ponytail.”

Simon Dominic really hyped the crowd as he showcased his Tagalog skills while wittily adding funny antidotes to his Filipino phrases and shared stories. He learned words such as “maganda, maganda forever,” “pogi,” and “mahal kita.” He ended his set with his tracks “MOMAE” and “Comfortable.”

Before the show ended LOCO performed the full version of “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo” OST “Say Yes,” to which the crowd gladly sang along with him—like a duet.

The whole crew then came together and concluded the night with “We Are” and “Who You,” plus a lot of fan service as LOCO, Simon Dominic, and Yugyeom went down from the stage and greeted their fans. Simon Dominic ended the night with a heartfelt “paalam.”

The squad also thanked and mentioned the Philippines via social media:

AOMG in Manila is presented by: Pulp Live World

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