WATCH: LOCO Sings “Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo” OST At AOMG In Manila Concert

LOCO, the artist behind the rap in “Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo” OST, “Say Yes,” was surprised to see how popular his song (with singer PUNCH) is in the Philippines.

After hearing Filipinos sing the song, he promised to practice the track so he can perform later on. And he did—with the rap lyrics at hand, the supporting vocals from the crowd, and his grin that shows how much he appreciates the love from the Filipino audience.

Due to the loud crowd singing along the song, netizens joked at how another Korean artist attended a “Filipino concert.” The song also wasn’t part of the show’s original line-up, LOCO practiced on the same day after hearing that “Say Yes” is well-loved in the Philippines.

AOMG in Manila is presented by Pulp Live World.

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