Song Hye Kyo Earned Praises From The Director And Writer Of Netflix’s “The Glory”: “Hye Kyo would probably be the only actress who can portray [the character]”

During the press conference for Netflix’s “The Glory,” Director Ahn Gil Ho (from “Happiness”) and Writer Kim Eun Sook (from “Descendants Of The Sun”) only has praises for Song Hye Kyo—who played the role of Moon Dong Eun.

Photo Courtesy of: Netflix

Director Ahn Gil Ho said, “When I first saw the script and met the character Moon Dong Eun, she seemed to have this duality where she’s extremely fragile but also very strong. And there aren’t many actors who can portray those both aspects. And I thought that Hye Kyo would probably be the only actress who can portray it. And I was very grateful that she said yes to the project. And looking at her, I feel like she is 120% and beyond when it comes to her being able to capture the essence of the character Moon Dong Eun.”

Writer Kim Eun Sook then added, “When I saw the cut for the first time, I was in awe, I was almost in a trance. I didn’t know that Hye Kyo could have those facial expressions, I didn’t know she could walk this way, talk in this way. And everything that I saw from her, I couldn’t see any traces of her former characters. It was completely Dong Eun, so I was elated.”

She also gushed, “And I made sure that I have to be very chummy with her, I never want to be her enemy, I wanted to always be on her side,” as grown-up Moon Dong Eun can be #savage at times.

Song Hye Kyo also talked about her portrayal of the character. She explained, “It was very challenging to portray a victim. It was extremely challenging. The young Dong Eun was helpless and hurt. And all of the hurt, she was open to it. She was unable to put up a fight against it. But the grownup Dong Eun, I didn’t want her to seem as pitiful. I wanted her to seem solid and strong. And that was what I tried to focus on. And how the grownup Dong Eun is aware that compared to when I was younger, I am much stronger, I have toughened up, and I can do this – that’s the kind of energy that I wanted to portray through the grownup Dong Eun.”

She also shared, “And I had many conversations with the director, and thankfully, he and I saw eye to eye most of the time. So I think it went on quite

“The Glory” is streaming via Netflix.

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