ACTRESS TRIVIA: 8 Things About Lee So E (from “Single’s Inferno 2” and “The Glory”) + The Korean Dramas She Appeared In and Her Instagram Account

Here are some trivia about Lee So E, who is currently a contestant in the dating reality show “Single’s Inferno 2.”

1.) Her name is Lee So E, and she is currently 23 years old (Korean age).

2.) She is currently a senior student majoring in acting at Hanyang University’s Film and Theater. She said that she enrolled out of curiosity, but eventually loved the craft.

3.) In “Single’s Inferno 2,” she described herself as someone with a “calm personality”, “quite honest,” and can be “clumsy sometimes.”

4.) She loves to dance to relieve stress.

5.) Her ideal type is someone who is generous, stable, tall, and have strong features.

6.) She is signed with Saram Entertainment–which houses Choi Sooyoung, Gong Myung, Jung Ho Yeon, and Honey Lee, among many others.

7.) Saram Entertainment also confirmed her appearance in Netflix’s “The Glory” as Yoon So Hee and “The First Responders” as Kim Hyun Seo.

8.) Although it wasn’t officially confirmed, eagle-eyed netizens also spotted her in “Snowdrop” as one of the hostages. This was later proven to be true, as the actress reposted a story about her appearance in the drama via her Instagram stories.

“Single’s Inferno 2” is currently streaming via Netflix.

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