ACTRESS TRIVIA: 10 Things About Go Youn Jung (Who Plays Naksu, Jin Bu Yeon, and Cho Yeong In “Alchemy Of Souls”) + Her Instagram Account

Here are some trivia about Go Youn Jung, who played Naksu and Cho Yeong in “Alchemy Of Souls” and is currently portraying Jin Bu Yeon and Naksu in “Alchemy Of Souls Light And Shadow.”

1.) Born on April 22, 1996, Go Youn Jung is currently 26 years old. She is turning 27 years old this year.

2.) She studied Contemporary Art at Seoul Woman’s University.

3.) She starred in the dramas “He Is Psychometric,” “Sweet Home,” and “Law School,” and was also in the film “Hunt.”

4.) She also had a cameo appearance in “The School Nurse Files” and her photo was shown in “Rookie Cops.”

5.) He next upcoming drama is in the upcoming series “Moving.”

6.) Before becoming an actress, she started as a commercial model for brands such as Nike and Giogio Armani.

7.) Her profile says she is 161cm (5’2ft), but argues that she’s actually 163cm tall (5’3ft).

8.) She is managed by MAA Entertainment.

9.) She likes playing logo, baking, and pilates.

10.) Her MBTI is ISTP.

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