RELATIONSHIP TIMELINE: Lee Jong Suk And IU, From Friendship To Dating

Lee Jong Suk and IU are confirmed to be in a relationship, and are said to be dating for four months with approval from their families and friends.

Here’s a lookback on their relationship.

1.) Lee Jong Suk and IU were Inkigayo co-hosts back in August 2012 until December 2012.

2.) Lee Jong Suk mentioned in an interview that he and IU didn’t talk much during their time in Inkigayo. He also added that IU would suggest costumes that they’d wear, but he wasn’t really fond of the idea. They, however, became close friends after their time in the show ended.

3.) Lee Jong Suk mentioned IU as a close friend during his interview while promoting “I Can Hear Your Voice” back in 2013.

4.) Lee Jong Suk was also spotted at IU’s “Palette” concert.

5.) Lee Jong Suk showed his support for IU by posting her track “Lilac” on his Instagram account back in 2021.

6.) In an interview with ELLE Korea, Lee Jong Suk mentioned his ideal type to be wise, strong, cute, and someone he can respect.

7.) During his acceptance speech yesterday, December 30, after winning the Daesang (Grand Prize) award at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards, he talked about a person he liked for a long time and has helped him ease his worries after his discharge from his mandatory military service. He stated, “I want to thank this person for being admirable. I’ve liked them a lot for a long time, and respect them greatly.” Although it was not revealed who he was referring to, netizens are wondering if the speech was directed to IU.

8.) IU was seen singing at Lee Jong Suk’s brother’s wedding last October 2022.

9.) The two were then seen at an airport together, which led to Dispatch revealing that the stars are reportedly dating.

10.) Today, December 31, both IU and Lee Jong Suk’s agencies confirmed that they are in a serious relationship.

Congratulations to the new couple!

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