THEORY: Why Jin Do Jun And Yoon Hyun Woo Are Both Portrayed By Song Joong Ki + Reason They Look Alike Yet No One Notice – EXPLAINED

“Reborn Rich” is about a man named Yoon Hyun Woo who was “reborn” as the youngest grandson of the Soonyang Conglomerate, Jin Do Jun–both characters are played by one actor, Song Joong Ki.

In the series, Yoon Hyun Woo works for Soonyang Corporation and the Jin family. He has been seen by the main family members and the others employees, and many key characters. Yet, no one seems to see and notice the uncanny resemblance between Hyun Woo and Do Jun. Even Hyun Woo never questioned the possibility of them being twins.

Hence, the question: how? Or maybe better to be “why”?

The simple theory and explanation, according to netizens, is that they were only meant to look alike for the audience. But they look different in the eyes of the characters in the story. Some also say that it’s to imply that “it’s the same soul.”

If this is the case, how would Jin Do Jun really look like in the eyes of the characters?

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