Fiji Blue Gets Manila Dancing With Feelings

It’s the middle of a work week and rain is pouring in Metro Manila, but none of that mattered to fans of Fiji Blue as they filled Samsung Hall to the brim on November 17. For two hours on a Thursday evening, all was right in the world and everyone was having the time of their life bopping to the music.

Fiji Blue is the music project of Valentin Fritz and Trevor Dering, who met as students at Berklee. For this Asia tour, Trevor is traveling solo backed by Jonathan Huber on keys and Joseph Hunt on drums.

The duo’s magic lies in masterful deception. Val’s beats are laidback and groovy, it’s easy to imagine their tracks playing on an easy Sunday morning or with a drink in hand by the beach. But a closer listen will make you wonder who hurt Trevor, whose lyrics are introspective, vulnerable, and hopeful. Case in point, he shares “Waves” being about people who are never satisfied even with being given the best in a relationship.

As a country that loves hugot, it makes perfect sense that some of the most fervent fans of Fiji Blue’s self-described “sad boy chill house” genre are from the Philippines. Trevor mused that the moment he learned he was going to Southeast Asia, the Philippines came first in mind. “Before this show happened I told my manager like, we need to do multiple shows next time here.”

The night opened with fan-favorites “Affection” and “Butterflies”. Of course, “It Takes two” was in the set, Trevor describing it as the song that changed his life. They also pulled a surprise cover of John Mayer’s “ Slow Dancing in a Burning Room .

But if there was a feeling evident from the performers onstage, it was gratefulness. They probably said thank you at least ten times throughout the concert, thankful for fans who gave music “made in a bedroom halfway around the world” a listen. On Instagram, Trevor described the concert as one of the best nights of his life. He said, “I’ve waited a long time to share this moment with you guys and to be able to finally sing these songs together was a dream come true”. It’s safe to say, the feeling is mutual.

Written by: Divine Endriga

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