4 Times Park Eun Bin Showcased Her Sincerity To Her Filipino Fans During Her Manila Fan Meeting

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actress Park Eun Bin is also a ray of sunshine (just like Woo Young Woo’s best friend, Choi Soo Yeon, in the series) in real life! This became even more evident during her Manila fan meeting last October 23 at the New Frontier Theater–as she showed the crowd her talents, bubbly yet sweet personality, and kind heart.

Here are four times the actress showcased her sincerity to her Filipino fans during the show.

1.) She learned Tagalog for her Filipino audience.

Aside from learning how to say simple phrases like “mahal kita” and “kumusta,” she also learned more relatable words like “sana all” and “ang saya saya ko.”

The actresses shared that she truly tried to learn how to speak in Tagalog to be able to communicate with her fans in the Philippines. And you can truly see her dedication in learning the language every time she speaks. She even introduced herself in full Tagalog, stating: “Kumusta kayo Filipino fans? Ako po si Park Eun Bin, kinagagalak kong makita kayo.”

Her Tagalog’s difficultly level is no joke, and the audience would often be left in awe with her genuine intentions and intelligence.

2.) She became teary-eyed watching the PH fans’ video for her

During fan meetings, fans would often prepare a video for the artist–compiling their past works, some behind-the-scenes videos and interviews, and messages from the fans.

Park Eun Bin’s expressions during and after watching the video made for her truly showed how much she appreciates her craft and her Filipino fans. She also thanked her Filipino fans for their love and support.

3.) She thanked the host, Kring Kim.

Park Eun Bin expressed her gratitude to host Kring Kim–this became an emotional on-stage moment as Kring was “touched” by her words.

Kring Kim–who already hosted several Korean events–also became teary-eyed due to Park Eun Bin’s kindness and even hugged the actress.

4.) She performed a Pinoy Karaoke favorite–MYMP’s rendition of Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s “Especially For You.”

Radiating positive energy, Park Eun Bin sang “Especially For You” alongside her Filipino fans.

She ended the night with more casual Taglish phrases: “Salamat po. Paalam. Ingat po. See you again. Thank you, bye!”

We hope to see you again in Manila soon, Park Eun Bin!

Photos courtesy of: Pulp Live World

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