WATCH TRAILER: Cha Eun Woo, Han So Hee, Lee Soo Hyuk Are The “Leads” Of Web Novel “The Villainess Is Marriotte” (About The Story + Where To Read)

Kakao releases the promotional posters of “The Villainess Is Marriotte” featuring Cha Eun Woo as Duke Kidrey and Han So Hee as Princess Kayena for the web novel’s advertisement materials.

Posters via: KakaoPage

“The Villainess Is Marriotte” tells the story of a regular office worker who met an untimely death, but suddenly woke up as a web novel’s villainess, Princess Kayena. However—as the princess was also destined to be executed—her goal is to stay alive with the new life given to her.

The following day, Lee Soo Hyuk was then revealed to promote the manhwa as Regef Hill.

The web novel is available via KakaoPage and Webtoon Kakao. English translations are available via Tapas.

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