EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Meet Netflix’s “Seoul Vibe” Squad

1988: the age of pagers, the rise of leather jackets and aviator sunglasses, and the year McDonald’s was introduced in South Korea. “Seoul Vibe” takes place during this booming period.

As said so by the film’s director, Moon Hyun Sung, “The 80s, especially 1988, were the most turbulent times in modern Korean history with bright and dark sides. Against this backdrop, I wanted to use this concept and culture of hip hop to create a spectacular and bizarre story.”

“That’s how it all started. If you look at how the zeitgeist blends with our concept, you’ll easily realize why it had to be 1988.”

– director Moon Hyun sung

The Seoul Vibe Squad

Yoo Ah In as Park Dong Wook

The charismatic leader of the Sanggye Supreme Team and one of Korea’s fastest “car racers,” Park Dong Wook. Yoo Ah In describes him as “ostentatious.” He said, “He’s very different from me. He is very pretentious. He fantasizes over Western culture.”

“Still, he has his own dream and goes after it. I think that’s got nothing to do with the times. He’s just got that sizzling passion young people have.”

– Yoo ah in

He also divulged on why he decided to take on the role of Park Dong Wook. He explained, “I thought this film was like taking up a challenge. I did not know how this challenge would roll out, but I thought it’d be great if we have the environment conducive to taking up such challenges.”

The actor added how the ensemble was one of the reasons that made him say “yes” to the role. He disclosed, “When I heard that we had this incredible cast, I knew that this team would just somehow make it all work. So, that’s how I got on board.”

Ko Kyung Pyo as “John” Woo Sam

Bbangkku family’s resident DJ-slash-“spy”, Ko Kyung Pyo plays Woo Sam—who also goes by the same “John Woo.” The actor admits to going above and beyond for his role. He shared, “I actually bought a DJ set when I was preparing for this role. I have it at home. It cost me quite a fortune, but I bought a full DJ set.”

Additionally, he was able to realize a new dream thanks to “Seoul Vibe.” He gushed, “Because the filming schedule was quite tight, I didn’t get to use the DJ set that much. Compared to when I was really practicing, I think my fingers are stiff. Maybe one day I can appear as a real DJ—my new dream thanks to this movie.”

Ko Kyung Pyo even talked about the process of taking on the role. He said, “I heard that Ah In was in it, so I was electrified to be acting alongside him. This is my second time working with him.” The two starred together in “Chicago Typewriter.” The actor also has another special reason on why he decided to star in “Seoul Vibe.”

“Oh, and I’ve actually lived through 1988 once. “Reply 1988.” I wanted to relive 1988 by taking up this new operation.”

– Ko Kyung pyo

Ong Seong Wu as Joon Gi

Ong Seong Wu stars as Joon Gi—the youngest member of the squad, both in the film and in real life. The actor described his character as being the prime example of a “golden maknae.” He expounded, “He’s cute, loveable, like a mascot, and he is a mechanic. People call him a genius mechanic, but, since he is the maknae of the family, he brings this vitality to the crew and has a great smile. Sorry, but yes, I am the smiley boy. So, I’m a lot of things but before an important mission I would remodel the car and transform cars into really cool ones.”

The actor then shared how he transformed into an “old-school” type of character. He said, “I started dancing in high school, so I was very interested in hip-hop. I watched a lot of documentaries, clips, and movies. I wanted to copy the look of American dancers of those times.

“I wanted to do it well so people won’t even recognize me in the film. I wanted to be seen as someone totally different.”

– Ong seong wu

Park Ju Hyun as Park Yoon Hee

The motorbike queen with a “girl crush” vibe, Park Ju Hyun plays Park Yoon Hee, the only woman among the squad. She described her character as “the boss”, adding “You guys can talk all you want but I am the boss here. I am the head of the motorbike community of Korea and I think I’m the best fighter in Bbangkku fam. I’m in control of everything, nothing can stop me, but, still, I’m loyal to my friends.”

Despite her seemingly tough appearance, the actress also calls her character “loyal and adorable.”

– according to park ju hyun

Park Ju Hyun actually knows how to ride big bikes in real life. She added, “Good news is that I do ride bikes. So, I thought it wouldn’t be difficult. But when I saw professionals riding bikes at the circuit I knew I was nothing compared to them. So, I replaced my bike with the same model that Yoon Hee rides. The driving system was a little different but I got similar ones so that I can get used to the bike. I can’t do bike tricks but I tried my best to look natural.”

Lee Kyoo Hyung as Bok Nam

Lee Kyoo Hyung is the “hyung” of the group. He expounded, “Bok Nam is the oldest brother of Bbangkku fam. I’m like everyone’s emotional support and I also take care of everything in this household.”

He also mentioned his unique role in the group. He said, “I’m a human navigator. There were no car navigation systems in place in 1988. Since Bok Nam is a long-time taxi driver he knows directions inside out.”

“I thought about how I would portray this character and studied a lot of different recorded voices for car navigation systems. I think that showed through in the movie.”

– Lee Kyoo hyung

When talking about his dialect, the actor revealed, “I actually have Chungcheong blood flowing in my veins. My dad is from Onyang, a city in the South Chungcheong region so I thought of the way my aunt, uncle, and grandpa spoke.”


During the hot summer of 1988, five young bloods take on a dangerous mission in the midst of the Seoul Summer Olympics.

“Set against 1988 Korea, “Seoul Vibe” portrays the youngster’s passion, car action and the young’s conflict with the older generation. It’s fun, refreshing and full of tension and suspense as well.”

– Yoo Ah in

“Seoul Vibe” is now streaming via Netflix.

Photos Courtesy of: Netflix
Interview from: Netflix “Seoul Vibe” Presscon

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