Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Little Women” Starring Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, And Park Ji Hu (+ Watch Teaser Video)

The trailer for Little Women opened up with a warm and sweet scene with 3 sisters celebrating a birthday, with a sudden, alarming turn of the story involving mega-scale schemes for finding 70 billion won’s worth of a slush fund. This mystery drama is packed with hard-hitting twists-it’s not what you would expect for its title and what we would typically associate with it. Here are some takeaways from the Little Women Press conference on August 29th.

#1 Director of “Vincenzo” is back at it again with a solid storyline

Director Kim Hee-won, the famous director of Vincenzo, is back with her mind playing mystery narrative. This time, she joins her genius talents with writer Chung Seo Kyung, celebrated for her works in the masterpiece The Handmaiden and the recent talk of the town, “Decision To Leave” who wrote the enticing story of three brave but poor sisters who are about to rebel against the richest family in Korea. As always, her stories have evident and sympathizable motives: the three sisters are very close, but the issue of money (or the lack of it) seeps into their lives. At the press conference, Director Kim Hee-won said, “Writer Chung Seo Kyung reimagined the novel Little Women, starting with the question “What if the sisters came to Korea?,” she added, “The tightly-knit narrative is brought to life by the production designer Ryu Seong-hee and the powerful cast performances. It was a great experience to work with this dream team.” Stay tuned to watch as the 3 sisters get in action with one of the most compelling storylines created by the two extraordinary storytellers.

hm Ji-won.

#2 Detailed mystery and a beautifully created Mise-en-scène

Poster courtesy of: Netflix

Director Kim Hee-won is known for the amount of details she places in her work, which makes the audience keep coming back for more and wanting to see the next episode. In Little Women, she says that she wanted to “Overturn people’s expectation that Little Women is just a cozy and warm story,” and by focusing on the detailed and specific issues of each sibling, seeked to reveal the dark truth underneath our society. She also expressed her deep admiration for Chung Seo Kyung (the writer), Ryu Seong-hee (production designer), and Park Se-joon (Music Composer).

Director Kim said, ”It is an honor to work with director Ryu on her first series who did a perfect job in painting the perfect picture. She created never-before-seen, elaborate sets that were all unique but under a unified theme,” she added, “Music composer Park Se-joon who worked on “Vincenzo” with me, composed different genre tracks including classical music, which imbued power into the entire production.”

Fans of both the director with her detailed storytelling abilities and the writer with her strong and defined voice, are excited to see what the two put together will create. Look out for the work of art with a fast-paced storyline, compelling motive, and a beautifully put together mise-en-scène.

#3 Brilliant actresses playing 3 sisters

Photo courtesy of: Netflix

Kim Go Eun will play Oh Injoo, the eldest sister. She is the most exhausted from poverty and feels responsible for saving her little family from dust and dirt-she ends up signing herself to a dangerous mission, all for the money and her sisters. Kim Go Eun, who has already proved her multifaceted acting skills with varying roles in “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” and “The King: Eternal Monarch,” will embark on widening her acting spectrum with this rather spectacular and scheming character. The actress revealed, “Injoo is a hardworking girl and always does her best, who seems to think it is the reason for her existence-she is complex and multifaceted, so I dived into the character from various angles.”

Oh Inkyung will be played by Nam Ji-hyun, known for her work in 100 Days My Prince, who is the second sister wiser than the first, and Oh Inhye will be played by Park Ji Hu from the famous “All of Us Are Dead,” who is the youngest sister gifted in artistic talent and protected by her sisters.

Director Kim Hee-won stated, “The three actors have such a warm chemistry with their kind personalities and professional attitudes. They are supportive of each other, which makes them a perfect ensemble”. Other star-studded casts include Wi Hajun, who left a remarkable imprint on the viewers’ memory with his role in Squid Game, and veteran actors such as Um Kijoon and Uhm Ji-won.

Follow the storyline with jawbreaking twists and turns, strong mise-en-scène, and the most distinctive 3 sisters only on Netflix starting from September 3rd!

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