“Alchemy Of Souls” Part 2 Confirmed To Air In December—Production Team Comment On Change Of Cast Members

“Alchemy Of Souls” part 2 is confirmed to air in December.

The production team of “Alchemy Of Souls” also responded to rumors of changing the female lead to Jung So Min (Mu Deok) to Go Yoon Jung (Naksu), as the series begins to film the drama’s part 2 (10 episodes).

They responded by saying that it’s difficult to confirm details from part 2 as it may be a spoiler to the ongoing part 1 of the series. They also added that since there are still two episodes left, it would be hard to say if Jung So Min will not be a part of the series.

As the series already ended today, the production team has yet to comment on the change of cast members. Jung So Min and Go Yoon Jung’s agencies also did choose to not disclose whether the two will be or will not be in part 2.

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