NO JOKE! You Can Get Fuel For Only 7 Pesos Per Liter Via “Seoul Vibe” Gas Station—Here’s How To Reserve A Slot

Netflix will open “Seoul Vibe” gas station where you can get 1 liter of gas for PHP 7 pesos only; the price rollback to 1988 is opening on August 26 only!

⛽️ “Seoul Vibe” gas station is located here:
⛽️ Here’s how you can reserve:

You can get up to a maximum of 40 liters for only 7 pesos per liter!

Make sure to reserve your slots on August 25, as no reservation = no fuel. 😉

“Seoul Vibe” premieres on August 26 via Netflix.

UPDATE: Slots for August 26 are sold out as of August 25, 06:03PM.

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