Yoo Ah In Compliments WINNER’s Song Mino’s Acting In “Seoul Vibe”: “It’s some kind of [raw] energy I couldn’t see in other actors”

During the press conference for Netflix’s “Seoul Vibe,” Yoo Ah In was asked about how it was acting with WINNER’s Song Mino. He exclaimed, “I was really shocked.”

And then added, “He was so free in his soul and I could feel his passion. It’s some kind of energy I couldn’t see in other actors; he has that rawness in him. And I think that rawness really fit well to our film. And, he added this new freshness to the film.”

Yoo Ah In and Song Mino’s characters will go head on head via “Seoul Vibe.” This is also the latter’s debut film.

Yoo Ah In elaborated, “I just had conversations with him, too. He felt a lot of pressure because he was a musician and this was his debut as an actor. But he overcame that pressure, and he did very well. I was very suprised and happy, and I felt a lot of pressure to do better myself.”

All in all, as summarized, they described Mino as having “that rawness in him that was perfect for “Seoul Vibe”.

“Seoul Vibe” is set to premiere in on August 26 via Netflix.

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