CONCERT GUIDE: 5 Songs You Should Put On Repeat Before GOT7’s Yugyeom’s Concert in Manila

Here are 5 songs you must put on repeat if you’re watching YUGYEOM Live In Manila on August 19 at the New Frontier Theater.

1.) Take You Down (feat Coogie)
One of Yugyeom’s solo tracks, “Take You Down” is a song about heartbreak but—in contrast—also features a catchy melody and LSS-worthy English lyrics.

2.) All Your Fault
(feat GRAY)
Yugyeom’s personal music style really shined after joining AOMG.

“All Your Fault” may be another track featuring unrequited love, but the song’s still a bop despite the intense music video.

3.) Falling In Love

Yugyeom’s songs are not just about heartbreak, “Falling In Love” is a “chill” track that will really make you “fall in love” with its lyrics and melody. Just like the two previous songs, “Falling In Love” is also written by Yugyeom.

4.) Lights

“Lights” highlights Yugyeom’s soulful vocals; the subtle change of emotions at the start of the song until the end—from slightly solemn to slightly upbeat—would really make you feel like you’re slowly being embraced by the “light” after being kept in the “dark” for so long.

5.) 1+1 (by GOT7)
One of GOT7’s songs that Yugyeom performs live is “1+1”, the upbeat track is such a mood booster—perfect for your pre-concert #feels.

2 days to go! Tickets to Yugyeom’s concert in Manila at the New Frontier Theater are available via TicketNet.

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