5 Reasons To Watch Super Show 9 In Manila

Super Junior’s SUPER SHOW 9 in Manila is one of the most anticipated concerts in the Philippines—especially to the #TitasOfKpop.

Here are some reasons why you should watch the concert this August 6.

1.) A trip down memory lane

It’s a night of #FEELS. Whether you’re a longtime or new fan, the boys have been performing since 2005—that’s almost 17 years worth of songs for you to enjoy.

2.) Hearing them talk about the Philippines

We all know just how much Super Junior loves their Filipino ELFs. We’ve heard them compliment their PH crowd and saw members tweet in Tagalog from time-to-time (ehem, Yesung).

3.) All the members are talented smooth talkers

They’re not called variety kings for nothing. What makes a Super Show #SUPER is how good the members are when it comes to entertaining the crowd.

4.) PH ELFs and Super Junior’s interactions

They’re pretty much the king of fanservice! They won’t hesitate to see their go down the stage to see their fans up-close and personally greet their ELFs. (Hello, Leeteuk!) You can see just how much they care for their fans by the way they treat them.

5.) The appeal of a *legendary* group

They’re been active for 17 years. Despite everything Super Junior and ELFs have been through, they’ve remained standing strong and are still producing good music. That’s how #legendary Super Junior members are!

Super Show 9 tickets are available via SM Tickets.

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