Get SEOUL-ful at Ayala Malls! Immerse in K-culture with Ayala Malls’ Feed Your Seoul campaign

Ayala Malls is bringing South Korean culture closer to Filipinos by celebrating the best and most beloved Korean food, beauty, sports, K-pop, K-film, and more. Ongoing until the end of the year, the cultural takeover is part of the mall’s Feed Your Seoul campaign. It kickstarted with the arrival of K-Pop superstar, BamBam, for an exclusive fansign event in Ayala Center Cebu and Ayala Malls Manila Bay.

In the flesh: Say hello to BamBam!

BamBam was the next KPOP idol to hold a solo fan sign event in the country. Preceded by Jung Yerin and fellow GOT7 member Young-jae, the Thai superstar didn’t just hit the streets of Manila in Ayala Malls Manila Bay. He’s also made an appearance in Ayala Center Cebu, making him the first KPOP idol to hold a solo fansign in the Queen City of the South. Given that not many South Korean artists hold events outside of Manila, Cebuanos were filled with excitement. 

Manila fans shook Ayala Malls Manila Bay as they scream in delight at the various activities at the Fansign event. BamBam warmed up the crowd as he went up on stage and performed the title track from his first mini album – riBBon. He shared “I feel really good, I’ve been waiting to perform and meet you guys again.” Lucky winners also got the chance to get a 1-minute 1 on 1 time with BamBam to get their album signed, take a group photo with him, and even say their personal farewells during the Goodbye Session. “I hope I can have a concert in the Philippines. My next album’s concept will not be as bright, and I hope I can perform it for you.” BamBam concluded.

Time to Feed Your Seoul

It’s undeniable that K-culture is taking the world by storm. This phenomenon is also known as Hallyu–aka. the Korean wave. From food to beauty, fun, and entertainment, more and more countries are getting to know the vibrant culture and its uplifting effect on people. Exciting news is coming to K-culture fans in the Philippines as Ayala Malls adopts Hallyu and introduces the best finds and activities in its nationwide locations!

Dig in on new flavors

One of the best ways to get to know a foreign culture is through the stomach. Indulge in Korean favorites like a hearty bowl of bibimbap, bulgogi, japchae kimchi stew, jjajangmyeon, tteokbokki, and a whole lot more at food festivals across different Ayala Malls.

Glow up with K-beauty

Koreans always had the best skin, thanks to their iconic 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine. On top of that, they’re always ahead in the skincare game, with various trailblazing trends popping up such as the iconic face LED masks and multi-use products. Stock up on Korean beauty products when you visit Ayala Malls’ K-beauty merchants and achieve soft and supple skin by incorporating the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine into your life. 

Fully immerse yourself in Korean sports and culture

Did you know that taekwondo originated in Korea? Distinct for its punching and kicking techniques, the sport has been celebrated all around the world by kids and adults alike. Ayala Malls furthers the opportunity to learn this way of martial arts through workshops on select dates and mall venues.

Want to know more about Korean culture? You no longer have to search far and wide! Ayala Malls is bringing all aspects of the Korean culture to you through a Korean Festival in partnership with the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines and Korea Tourism Organization this September at Glorietta. 

Discover your new favorite flick!

There’s no denying that Korean Films are dominating the market today. Discover your new favorite K-film with Ayala Malls’ Korean Film Festival in partnership with Viva. Various Korean films will be exclusively released in select Ayala Malls Cinema this September.

Move like a K-pop Idol

K-pop Cover Dance Festival is back for a face-to-face event on August 20 at Ayala Malls Manila Bay! Everyone with access to the internet and a passion for K-pop cover dances is encouraged to join. There will be 2 rounds to qualify where winners are chosen through an open online popularity count for the 1st round and the top contenders will proceed to the 2nd round where they will be judged in person by famous Korean choreographers, musicians, artists, directors, and other professionals. The lucky winner will represent the country to South Korea and experience an all-expense paid 7-day tour. They will also get the chance to have their photoshoot taken by a celebrity photographer, a dance lesson with a famous K-pop choreographer, an experience to perform on their very own K-pop stage, and a gaze upon their favorite K-pop idols in this year’s Dream Concert.

Don’t miss out on a plethora of SEOUL-ful adventures that await you! Dare to discover K-world that continues to amaze and unveil happiness—find it, take it, and keep it when you Feed Your Seoul at Ayala Malls.

For updates and announcements, tune in at Ayala Malls social media pages @AyalaMalls360 on Facebook and @iloveayalamalls on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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