EVENT RECAP: 2022 Kpop Masterz In Manila—Concert Highlights

Pulp Live World brought Jackson Wang, BamBam, and TREASURE to perform in the Philippines via their 2022 Kpop Masterz In Manila.

Here are some highlights from the show.


TREASURE debuted under YG Entertainment in 2020. The members consist of Choi Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Mashiho, Yoon Jaehyuk, Asahi, Bang Yedam, Haruto, Doyoung, Park Jeongwoo, and So Junghwan.

TREASURE performed their hit songs including “JIKJIN” and “DARARI”, among others. Aside from performing, the boys also had a mini-Q&A session with host Kring Kim and even played games (hello, team gwapo and team mahal kita!) on stage. During their Q&A, TREASURE members said that they picture the beach when they think of the Philippines. They explained that the beaches in Cebu and Boracay are pretty, and that they hoped to go on a vacation there.

Their PH Teumes and Manila crowd also sang a happy birthday song to TREASURE’s Jaehyuk—who celebrated his 21st birthday last July 23. Jaehyuk showed his gratitude by replying with “salamat” and “mahal kita.”

Additionally, TREASURE also showcased their Tagalog skills by saying “salamat,” “magandang gabi,” “kumusta ka?”, “maganda,” and “masaya ba?” They also played “bato bato pik” and discussed how they can’t forget the tetra packed mango juice in the Philippines.


GOT7’s BamBam is booked! After completing two fansign events, BamBam ended his PH fan interactions with a bang via his live performances at the Kpop Masterz In Manila stage.

During his Q&A, BamBam talked about his new favorite nickname “milk fish” (or “bangus”). Because he eats bangus everyday since his visit in the Philippines. He said, “It’s the best fish I’ve had in my life.” He also discussed wanting to open a night market called “BamBam Shot Puno.”

BamBam also had a special surprise that evening: He invited Dara on stage—the two are now labelmates under ABYSS Company. Dara first greeted her Filipino fans: “Kumusta kayong lahat? Si Sandara ito! Wow, ang dami(ng tao). Welcome to my second home, Bam Bam!” And added, “Last time I went here was three years ago. Na-miss ko kayong lahat.”

Dara sang 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” on stage, and also performed BamBam’s song “Ribbon” with him. They both promised to come back to the Philippines. BamBam said, “I promise I’ll come back (for a solo or GOT7 concert).” Dara then added, “Gutso ko rin mag-concert dito. Pupunta kayo?”—to which the crowd enthusiastically answered “yes!”


Jackson is the third GOT7 member to visit and perform in Manila—after Youngjae and BamBam.

The singer delivered theatrical performances of his songs “Cruel” and “Blow.” During his Q&A session, Jackson also revealed that he also wants to try acting. He explained said, “If there are any films in the Philippines, I would love to be in it.” He elaborated that, although he wants to try acting, he feels that acting is a different industry from music, and he has been preparing for around 4 years to show respect to the craft.

Additionally, during the show, he even showcased his Tagalog skills by saying words such as: “isa, dalawa, tataru (tatlo)”, “panget,” and “mahal ko kayo.” Plus, he dearly described his Filipino fans. He said, “When they cheer for you… you know they mean it.” They are “very passionate and they’re so pretty, you know.”

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