What You Need To Know About BamBam In Manila And Cebu—That Proves He’s The King Of Fan Service

GOT7’s BamBam is the second GOT7 member—after Youngjae—who landed in Manila is 2022 for an event. The Thai K-pop star, singer, and rapper first went to Cebu for his first fan signing.

Here are some moments proving that BamBam is the king of fan service:

1.) Even before going to the Philippines, BamBam already tweeted a message to his Filipino fans.

2.) Once he arrived in Cebu, BamBam enthusiastically greeted his fans. Likewise, CEBU AHGASES also gave him a warm welcome.

3.) BamBam’s first agenda in Cebu was to try various Filipino food including Bangus, Sisig, and Cebu’s famous Lechon. Milk Fish (Bangus), however, was his favorite.

Plus, he was open to Sandara Park’s suggestion of trying tocilog.

4.) During his fansign event, BamBam asked to remove the glass barrier so he can interact with his fans better (e.g. he even lets his fans hold his hand). He also reportedly allowed taking selfies with him.

5.) Thai fansites are in Manila to take photos of BamBam. It was originally not allowed to take photos using professional cameras (a common rule in events such as fanmeetings, fansigning, and concerts), but BamBam allowed the audience to take photos of him.

6.) After a successful fansigning event, BamBam said “thank you” to Cebu. He also added, “I’ll be back.”

7.) BamBam also made sure to post on Instagram an update about his flight from Cebu to Manila!

Photo: @bambam1a

8.) BamBam met and ate sisig with Liza Soberano and James Reid in Manila

BamBam is currently in Manila for his second fan signing event at the Ayala Malls Manila Bay. The event is presented by CDM Entertainment and Y Global Music.

UPDATED: BAMBAM at Ayala Malls Manila Bay

9.) During his press conference in Manila, BamBam talked about hoping to collaborate with James Reid, loving the passionate screams from his PH Ahgases, and wanting to go back to Manila for a concert.

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