QUICK RECAP HIGHLIGHTS: “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Episode 8—Woo Young Woo’s Mom And Her Father’s Past

*this article contains spoilers*

Here are some highlights from the latest episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

1.) Nepotism or Discrimination
Woo Young Woo became the center of gossip among her peers in Hanbada Law Firm due to her father’s connection with the CEO—revealed to be a underhanded tactic by tactician Kwon Min Woo. But her friend and colleague, Soo Yeon, defended her.

2.) Rainy day at Sodeok -dong
The village head of Sodeok-dong wanted to show the judges just how beautiful Sodeok-dong is. But (sort of) failed to do so due to the bad weather.

3.) Woo Young Woo’s Real Mom
*spoiler warning* Woo Young Woo was about to decide on transferring from Hanbada Law Firm to Taesun Law Firm, until she found out that Tae Su Mi is actually her birth mother.

4.) “I like you.”
Woo Young Woo realized her feelings for Lee Jun Ho, but their sweet interaction was cut short when one of the residents started running away while they were interviewing him.

5.) “It was nice to meet you.”
Woo Young Woo met with Tae Su Mi, and ultimately decided to turn down the opportunity to work in her mother’s company. However, she did say that it was nice to finally meet her.

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is now streaming via Netflix.

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