William Hammington Wants Stray Kids To Guest On “The WillBen Show”; Ben Hammington Also Reveals His Dream “Guests”

During the press conference for The Hammingtons Juanderland In Manila—with Sam, William, and Bentley Hammington—the boys were asked who they want to guest in the “The WillBenShow.”

Previously, William’s wanted to see BTS leader RM. Now, when asked which K-pop group he likes and listens to the most, he added “Stray Kids” to his list. There are two particular members that he wants to have as his guests, but he would love to see the whole group at “The WillBenShow.”

As for Bentley? He wants to have cartoon characters Spongebob and Squidward as his guest!

The Hammingtons are currently in Manila for their The Juanderland Fan Meeting in Manila today, July 17 (3PM), at the New Frontier Theater.

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