EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: The Cast Of Netflix’s “Money Heist” During Their Press Conference With The Global Media

“Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” premiered this June 24 via Netflix. The press conference for the series happened last June 22 at COEX in Gangnam, South Korea.

During the press conference, Yoo Ji Tae talked about the series. He said, “Yes, Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area is against the backdrop of Korea on the cusp of unification. It’s a Netflix series depicting an unprecedented robbery, planned out by a genius strategist and carried out by robbers of various talents.”

Kim Yunjin then shared how she felt about doing an adaptation for “Money Heist,” the actress shared, “Well, the original series is so popular, so I was unsure of whether we should actually make it in the start because I felt a lot of pressure. But unfortunately, Korea is the only divided country left on the world and we were able to create something by compressing all the good essence of the original and writer Ryu actually created a really beautiful script, and reading the script, I thought that I would be able to do this because the script is so good. “

Yoo Ji Tae then added, “Well, it is a show with great fandom, I know, but a great story would be told well in any situation, any country, I thought. And Korean content is now beloved by so many people around the world, and that is probably because Korean content creators have really clever ideas and smart approaches. And that was of course done on this show as well. I mean, our own charms and our own sense of humor are all infused in the show. Please enjoy the show.”

Here are some photos from their global press conference, which also took place on the same day.

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