DIOR Beauty Launch Industry-First WhatsApp Campaign With Global Influencer Jisoo

French luxury fashion brand DIOR Beauty recently launched an industry-first campaign with brand ambassador and global icon @Jisoo, giving @diorbeauty’s 9.6million Instagram followers access to four days of exclusive content and conversation with the muse of the new Dior Addict shine lipstick campaign over WhatsApp. Dior collaborated with global communications platform Infobip to release this innovative omnichannel experience, the first time a brand has used WhatsApp to empower conversations with a brand ambassador.  


Customers were invited to become part of the experience via @diorbeauty’s Instagram story, where Jisoo offered followers the chance to join her ‘exclusive WhatsApp group’. From there, customers were taken to a dedicated landing page where they can sign up to engage with Jisoo’s chatbot over WhatsApp ahead of the new Dior Addict shine lipstick launch. Members chose the type of content they wanted to receive, from themed videos to exclusive behind the scenes footage of Jisoo’s life as a Dior ambassador.


They were also sent exclusive links to purchase the new Dior Addict shine lipstick and were given bespoke access to the new brand Instagram filter.


Arthur Poulain, Digital Innovation & Strategic Planning Manager, DIOR comments: “This campaign has pushed the boundaries of how luxury beauty and technology must collaborate to deliver innovative experiences across the channels we know our customers love. Using WhatsApp meant we could think outside the box in terms of how we engage our dedicated Instagram community, giving them the opportunity to chat with Jisoo like they would a friend and empowering them to choose the content they want to see next.”


The campaign was managed through Infobip’s WhatsApp Business solution, enabling Dior to build a series of automated conversations and journeys as Jisoo with the help of chatbots. The rich channel means communication included images, videos, files, web links, audio files and buttons to bring messages to life and keep customers engaged.


Adrian Benic, Chief Product Officer, Infobip, concludes: “Our role is to re-define how communications can help bring brand stories to life and this partnership with DIOR Beauty is the prime example of how channels like WhatsApp deliver this. This has been one of the most exciting campaigns we’ve ever worked on, using every element of the channel’s rich capabilities to deliver something truly unique and extraordinary. We hope this inspires other brands to take their digital engagement to new heights.”

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