ACTOR TRIVIA: 10 Things About Kim Young Dae (who plays Gong Tae Sung in “Shooting Stars”) + His Instagram Account

Kim Young Dae plays top celebrity Gong Tae Sung in “Shooting Stars.” Here are 10 things you might want to know about him.

1.) Born on March 2, 1996, the actor is currently 26 years old.

2.) His debut series is in the 2019 series “Item” as the young Ju Ji Joon.

3.) He also starred in “Welcome To Waikiki,” “Extraordinary You,” and “Cheat On Me If You Can.”

4.) He rose to stardom with his role as Joo Seok Hoon in “The Penthouse” trilogy.

5.) He won the Best New Actor Award in the 2021 SBS Drama Awards.

6.) He studied in China and can speak Chinese.

7.) Kim Young Dae can also play the guitar and the piano.

8.) In an email interview with the actor, Kim Young Dae talked about the pressure of finally portraying a lead role. He said, “I was very nervous and insecure. To be honest, I felt a lot of responsibility and stress. But I saw it as a process that I must go through with my first lead role, so I accepted it as it was. It will become memories when I look back in future.”

9.) The actor also talked about learning a lot about the people who worked behind-the-scenes through “Shooting Stars.” He said, “Maybe it was because I started to film this drama. “What is that person sitting there doing?”, “What is that person’s role?”. I didn’t know about them previously. I learnt a lot through this opportunity. To our PR team sitting with us here today, I’m also starting to feel very thankful.”

10.) Kim Young Dae also had a cameo appearance in “True Beauty.”

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