INTERVIEW: “Military Prosecutor Doberman” Stars Ahn Bo Hyun And Jo Bo Ah’s In Depth Talk About Their Characters, Training, And What’s Next For Them

In an email interview, Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah gave in depth insights about their characters in “Military Prosecutor Doberman,” and also shared what type of projects they want to do next.

Ahn Bo Hyun as Do Bae Man

Ahn Bo Hyun portrays Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man—who once tried to avoid serving in the military, only to work as a military personnel due to unavoidable circumstances. Although this is not the actor’s first military drama—he portrayed a soldier in “Descendant Of The Sun”—this is still his first military-slash-legal series. He expounded, “Since it was a new genre for me, there were many difficulties that I couldn’t have overcome alone. It was a character built with everyone coming together and figuring out the way. I managed to overcome the difficulties with the help from many people around me.”

As the drama has a lot of action scenes, the actor noted that his boxing experience did help him to some extent. He explained, “Maybe it had built a good foundation in my physical strength. When filming action scenes, I had the agility and sensation in my body. I had also worked with the martial arts director previously who knew my strengths and weaknesses well and tailored the actions accordingly for me. I followed the directors’ instructions and devoted my best to the action scenes which came out quite well.”

Ahn Bo Hyun also feels grateful to portray another lead role. He said, “I am always thankful that I have the chance to pursue acting consistently. There were times when I injured myself or felt stressed, but I really love my job of being an actor. I think I am able to achieve where I am now because of the good people who are always around me.”

Jo Bo Ah as Cha Woo In

Jo Bo Ah portrays Cha Woo In, a newbie Military Prosecutor who infiltrated the place in an attempt to seek revenge. The actress explained why she accepted the role. She said, “I found the theme of military law very unique when I received the script and was attracted to it. Cha Woo-in’s righteous and confident character was also very charming. The angle of mixing action and legal genres was refreshing. Hence, I decided to take up this drama with the excitement that I would be able to show a different charm from my previous characters.”

She also talked about the challenges she encountered while filming the series, stating, “It required a lot of studying just to get myself familiarized with the script. I have looked up on many related news and videos, sought advice from people who served in the military, and had continuous discussions with the director, writer and other actors.”

Jo Bo Ah also prepared a lot for her action scenes. She narrated, “It was my first time challenging myself with action scenes in . I was very excited for it but worried at the same time. Because I was an amateur, I started to attend action school sessions and practice the basic moves diligently since a few months before the filming. I received lots of help from the martial arts director and seniors while enjoying each of the scenes. I became more curious and interested in the action genre.”

She also addressed how her character in the series is very different from her previous roles. She gushed, “It was the first time in my life to cut my hair into such short length. I had portrayed many bright images in the past, so I thought it might be difficult to imagine myself in a military uniform and Woo-in’s character with heavy emotions most of the time. I decided to cut my hair short in order to suit myself with the image as much as I could. When I first tried on the military uniform, we were filming during the cold winter, it felt thinner than I thought. But I am used to the uniform and my short hair now and filming comfortably.”

Similarities To Their Characters

The two also revealed the similarities between their characters’ and their real-life personalities. Ahn Bo Hyun said, “It is a little hard to describe but Do Bae-man is a character who doesn’t rely on others or give up easily. When I encounter problems, I also try to resolve them on my own. This is how my character overlaps with Do Bae-man and we have quite a lot of similarities.” While Jo Bo Ah added, “I am quite similar to Woo-in in the way that I also have strong wills towards my goals.”

What’s Next For Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah

Both stars are open to trying different genres and characters in the future. Ahn Bo Hyun said, “There are still many genres and characters that I have not done before. I want to challenge myself with as many kinds of roles as possible. I would like to try a variety of productions like melo drama, romantic comedy, historical drama and many more.”

Jo Bo Ah then concluded, “Instead of a particular genre or character, I would prefer something that I can do well in, while both people who are producing it or watching it can enjoy together. I hope I could encounter more of such characters and present them to the audience in future.”

The finale of “Military Prosecutor Doberman” airs on April 27 at 9:15PM via tvN (Smart GigaPlay app).

Interview courtesy of: tvN

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