WATCH: Netflix Series “The Sound of Magic” Comes the Magic, Dreams, And Music – “The Sound of Magic” Main Trailer Released!

Netflix revealed the main trailer of The Sound of Magic – a story featuring Yoon Ah-yi, a girl who has lost her dreams in the face of reality, and Na Il-deung, a boy pressured to pursue his dreams. An unexpected yet enchanting story unravels as the two encounters the mystical magician Rieul. 

The newly released trailer provides a clear context into the narrative, visuals, and relationships among the three main characters – the enigmatic magician Ri-eul (Performed by Ji-Chang Wook), Yoo Ah-yi (Performed by Choi Sungeun), and Na Il-deung (Performed by Hwang In Youp). As illustrated through the trailer, this fantasy music series will share a universal message of what it is to become a grown-up through a magical yet mysterious storyline.  

Ji Chang Wook introducing his role, said, “Ri-eul is a mysterious character that will surely intrigue the audience! The line between vice and virtue is irrelevant when it comes to Ri-eul as he constructs and lives in his own world,” stirring up curiosity about his character.

This spring, The Sound of Magic invites global audiences to a world of enchantment and heartwarming stories. The Sound of Magic will be released on May 6th, only on Netflix.

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