WATCH: Netflix Releases Trailer For “Single’s Inferno Season 2”

Hotter & Sexier! Stay tuned for more relationships and more drama! The hit reality dating series is confirmed for a second season after an explosive global response to season 1 earlier this year. Season 1 ranked in the Global  Netflix TOP 10 (Non-English TV List) for three consecutive weeks, even ranking 4th in the charts at its peak.

The series followed several passionate participants motivated to find love, couple up and find their version of “paradise.” Fans can expect to escape to “Inferno” island to see more steamy moments, adrenaline-pumping dates and much more, as our new singles embark on relationships in the pursuit of love. The goal? Couple up and escape the inferno! 

Single’s Inferno season 1 is available to watch only on Netflix.

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