ENDING REVIEW: 10 Reasons Why “Twenty Five Twenty One” Deserves A Season 2

“Twenty Five Twenty One” ended this weekend. Here are ten reasons why the series deserves a second season.

1.) Who is Kim Min Chae’s father?
The viewers still don’t know who is the father of Na Hee Do’s daughter, Kim Min Chae. As much as it the series is not about Na Hee Do’s relationship with him, a lot of the viewers were pretty invested in finding out about his identity—even if he’s not Baek Yi Jin.

2.) Ji Seung Wan’s love story
Remember when Ji Seung Wan met the 16-year-old Baek Yi Hyun as Wanseung (her DJ name) and Baekho (his user ID)? They crossed paths again now that Yi Hyun is 26 years old and has confessed that he already “waited too long.”

3.) Ko Yu Rim and Moon Ji Woong’s wedding life
Wouldn’t it be cute to see their wedding, plus some side stories about their relationship?

4.) Grown-up versions of the squad
In the series, we only go to see the adult version of Na Hee Do. How about the others, is it possible to see their 40s version, too?

5.) Adult Hee Do and the tunnel
What did Hee Do do when she went back to the tunnel—the memorable place from their teenage years and early 20s? Did she meet the adult Yi Jin? What will happen if they do meet, now that Hee Do knows about the diary? (Not expecting romance since she’s married, and we don’t want to change the genre of the series. But probably just curious enough to see a general overview of what might happen.)

6.) Na Hee Do after her retirement and her wedding
Hee Do got married even before retiring, which means she got married only a few years after her breakup with Yi Jin. Seeing that side of her life would be something meaningful to watch.

7.) So, who is Da Eun?
The voice of Da Eun, one of the girls Baek Yi Jin dated, was heard briefly in one episode of “Twenty Five Twenty One.” Although she’s not a key character, her “cameo appearance” had such an impact that viewers are wondering who she is and what she looks like.

8.) Their late 20’s and their 30s that we didn’t see
Even photos—similar to “Start-up”—that can tell the story we didn’t see: their graduation, starting their own businesses, choosing their jobs, and pretty much what led to their life in their 40s would answer a lot of our questions.

9.) Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do’s “friendship” after the breakup
Yi Jin and Hee Do’s breakup didn’t end sour. When did they reconcile? Did they ever meet before or after Hee Do’s wedding?

10.) Kim Min Chae’s story
In the end, Min Chae didn’t read her mom’s last diary. But, rather, stated that she’ll create her own story. (What if Min Chae’s future child reads her diary, too?)

Overall, “Twenty Five Twenty One” is an entertaining series that’s a blend of romance, comedy, and life lessons—from love, friendship, and family relationships. The drama delivered a good story about the youth and their firsts, including their first love—that it works out for some and doesn’t for others; it’s not black and white. In all honesty, the series did a good job at showcasing the story from Na Hee Do’s diary—while still including the other characters’ different perspectives. It ended as soon as the diary ended, and it really felt like that’s how it should be since the whole drama revolved around Hee Do’s diary. Of course, there are a lot of questions that we’d want to have answers to, but we just couldn’t get them because it’s not written in her diary—and the only way to get those answers is to get a second season or a special episode that’s outside the drama’s diary theme.

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