GIVEAWAY: “Twenty Five Twenty One” OST Album

[GIVEAWAY] “Twenty Five Twenty One” released their official OST album, and will be giving away 1 (one) OST album to 1 (one) lucky winner!

Just follow the mechanics on Facebook, and use this format to comment your favorite character:

“My favorite character is…” then you can add (optional) the reason why. ❤

Good luck!

7 thoughts

  1. Favorite ko lahat sila pero Na Hee Do is my BEST GURL 🥺😍 every lines tagos sa buto 😭 gysto kong ulit ulitin kahit tapos na kasi ang daming lessons 😭❤️❤️

    1. Na Hee Do not just because she is the main character but also her total presence itself. From her values, personality and everything about her is remarkable. I love her so much that it hurts. Na Hee Do thank you for the mere existence.

  2. My favourite is Na Heedo, I love her energy and passion for whatever she does, whether that is fencing, relationships or just having fun. She is a person who you can lean on and trust when you are during your worst and I love her for being that type of person. She persevered so well during tough situations and grown up to being such an amazing human being!! I’m truly grateful that I was able to experience that, just like seeing a true friend on screen 😀 btw she looks so cute when she smiles 🥺

  3. My favorite character in Twenty Five Twenty One is Na Hee Do. Besides that she was so cool and cute in the whole drama, I loved Hee Do’s character because of her perseverance and dedication to her passion which is fencing. Despite the challenges she faced, her love for others still stands out. In addition, I loved the fact that Na Hee Do became someone-she-need for her friends. I could also relate to her when it comes to bursting out emotions and such feelings into a diary hehe! ~

  4. Gusto ko lahat ng characters but Na Hee do got me 101% for real. Though I can relate to her behavior in some ways in reality, there are still things na hindi ako makarelate sakanya. naiingit rin ako kung papaano siya sobrang expressive sa nararamdaman niya like kung galit siya linalabas talaga niya tapos king gusto niyang umiyak kahit asan pa siya umiiyak talaga siya. Gusto kong maging tulad ni hee do na hindi takot mag pakita ng totoo niyang nararamdaman as in.

    1. My favorite Character is Na Hee Do, because young NHD reminds me of my self, she’s so sweet, outgoing, very determined to get what she wants and very energetic. Also, I’m also reminded from na hee do’s pain being alone most of the time at a young age isn’t that easy at it looks, for me there was a time I always cry every night thinking if I’m the problem but now I won’t because na hee do let me see things I couldn’t see before like, I’m not always the problem and the saddest part is that I am not to blame from the pain I am feeling and the needs of my mother’s comfort that it’s not my fault if I feel that way. I always cry whenever there’s a scene of na hee do and her mother it just reminds me of my relationship with my mother. That’s all hehe thank youuu🤍🤍 and also, Thank you so much 2521 for being my comfort Drama surely gonna rewatch. Lastly, thank you so much na hee do, for comforting me and giving me the courage to finally talk to my mom about my problem too, I love you Hee Do😩🤍 I’m so sad it didn’t end like how I imagine it to end but at least they have a proper closure.

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