The Magic Unfolds A Worldwide Invite to Experience The Fantasy and Music “The Sound of Magic” Beholds

Netflix has confirmed the worldwide release of The Sound of Magic on May 6th, ready to unfold a magical experience filled with fantasy, music, and drama. The story features Yoon Ah-yi – a girl who has lost her dreams in the face of reality – and Na Il-deung – a boy pressured to fulfill his dreams. An enchanting story unravels as the two encounter the enigmatic yet mystical magician Rieul.

Courtesy: of Netflix

The first teaser poster illustrates a magical invitation sent by Rieul along with a quote “Do you believe in magic?” to further trigger viewers’ interest. Rieul lives alone in the ruins of an amusement park, arousing curiosity and suspicion among neighbors. Nevertheless, the self-proclaimed magician presents Ah-yi and Il-deung with a magical experience that they have never experienced before.

The colorful cast lineup of Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sungeun, and Hwang In Youp also garnered excitement. Ji Chang Wook, whose performances captivated audiences throughout Asia, plays Rieul, a magician shrouded in mystery. Choi Sungeun of Beyond Evil, and Hwang In Youp, who rose to stardom from True Beauty, play Yoon Ah-yi and Na Il-deung – two teenagers, conflicted between dreams and reality.

Director Kim Sung-oun spearheads the production, whose brilliance is well renowned for his past works – Itaewon Class, Love in the Moonlight, and Discovery of Love. Writer Kim Minjeong is in charge of the screenplay, marking her third collaboration with director Kim Sung-youn.

This fantasy music drama is based on the webtoon Annarasumanara written and illustrated by Ha Ilkwon, who earned the moniker “Creator of Magic” for his beautiful narratives and compelling story. Ha received much praise for artfully maneuvering magic and fantasy elements to depict characters torn between dreams and reality. The magical story and visuals will infuse with music and choreography to reborn as a live series.

This spring, The Sound of Magic invites global audiences to a world of enchantment. The Sound of Magic will be released on May 6th, only on Netflix.

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