REVIEW: 7 Reasons To Watch “The Adam Project”—Sci-fi And Comedy Minus The Complicated Time Travel Theories

Time traveler Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) from 2050 goes back to the year 2022 and meets his 12-year-old self (Walker Scobell). The two team-up to put a stop to time travel with the help of Adam’s now wife Laura Shane (Zoe Saldaña) and Adam’s father—the inventor of time travel—Louis Reed (Mark Ruffalo).

Aside from the A-list cast—including Jennifer Garner (as Ellie Reed) and Catherine Keener (as Maya Sorian)—here are seven more reasons why you should watch “The Adam Project.”

1.) A glimpse of how it’s like to meet your younger self
If you can meet your younger self, what would you do? “The Adam Project” showed the differences and similarities between the younger and older Adam, and how his choices built the person he is now.

The film also showed us that sometimes our younger selves can teach us more about who we are now by looking back at who we were and how we got to this point.

2.) Sci-fi and special effects
From the cinematography to the special effects, everything in the film was truly well-executed for a sci-fi genre—specially during the action scenes. It’s definitely a fun and quality film.

3.) No messy timelines
Unlike young Adam’s multiverse and parallel universe theories, “The Adam Project” had a simple time travel rule that’s a lot easier to follow. It’s straightforward: changing a major event (e.g. seizing the existence of time travel) in the past will basically undo the future. The whole set-up is a good thing for new time travel genre fans, and for those who just want to enjoy the film without the need to analyze every single detail.

4.) Blast from the past: Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo’s reunion
Get your Razzles ready, as “The Adam Project” also marks the reunion of “13 Going On 30” couple Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. Not only is this a huge #throwback, the 2004 film also tackled undoing future and redoing the present (but minus the action, lasers, and lightsabers).

5.) Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell’s dynamics
When it comes to comedy and action, Ryan Reynolds never disappoints. Still, his interactions with his past self—played by Walker Scobell—makes his scenes even more funny (yet meaningful) to watch.

6.) A focused storyline
The film focused on one main conflict—stopping time travel—and really made sure that the plot stayed on track.

7.) Family relationships and realizations
What really makes “The Adam Project” shine is the heartwarming scenes between Adam, his younger self, and his family. The lessons it imparts toward the viewers have a lot of impact. (Pro tip: Get your tissues ready.)

“The Adam Project” is available on Netflix.

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