EPISODE RECAP HIGHLIGHTS: “Business Proposal” Episodes 7, 8—Confessions

Here are some highlights from the 7th and 8th episodes of “Business Proposal.”

Fake Boyfriend
Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) decided to pretend as Shin Ha Ri’s (Kim Se Jeong) boyfriend for a weekend.

Null And Void
Cha Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu) and Jin Young Seo (Seol In A) spent a night together. But Young Seo doesn’t remember anything. Hence, she coldly told Sung Hoon that what happened was null and void–causing misunderstandings.

Kang Tae Moo confessed his feelings to Shin Ha Ri. He told her that she can take time to slowly think about her answer. Still, one week later, Tae Moo can’t wait any longer. On the other hand, Sung Hoon confessed to Young Seo that he also fell in love with her at first sight–leading to Young Seo admitting that she forgot what happened the night they were together.

Sealed With A Kiss
At the end of the episode, Ha Ri initially rejected Tae Moo. But she ultimately gave in to her feelings as she initiates their second kiss.

Shin Ha Ri tells Tae Moo that their kiss was a mistake. Tae Moo then asked her to “pay” him back for the kiss. Tae Moo decided to ask Ha Ri to eat out at an expensive restaurant and let her pay. But he then paid in advance instead. He also asked to visit an amusement park together, stating that he wants to spend her “time” as a way of paying him.

Their “date” was cut short when Ha Ri’s mother called from the hospital. Both of her parents are admitted to VIP rooms, courtesy of Tae Moo—who had to introduce himself as Gye Bin (Ha Ri’s only male co-worker) to her mom and dad, as Ha Ri wanted to hide the fact that’s he’s her company’s president.

Date Problems
Young Seo and Sung Hoon had a bit of a fight during their date, as Young Seo got annoyed at how Sung Hoon seemed to always side with Tae Moo. They reconciled in the end, but Tae Moo also found out about their relationship.

Min Woo
Min Woo learned about Ha Ri and Tae Moo’s past contract, and confronted Ha Ri and Tae Moo about it. At first, it seemed like Ha Ri was taking Min Woo’s side, but she was actually protecting Tae Moo before he makes a mistake. In the end, she told Min Woo that whatever the contract is about, it’s between her and Tae Moo—it has nothing to do with him.

Tae Moo and Ha Ri
Ha Ri injured her wrist during their sports event, but continued to play for the “chance to have dinner with the president.” She won, but later found out that Tae Moo was going on a blind date. This caught her off guard, hence, decided to call Tae Moo to get out of the restaurant where he is about to meet his date. In the end, Tae Moo didn’t actually go on the date and was waiting for her in front of her house. They met halfway and kissed—signaling their new relationship.

“Business Proposal” is now streaming on Netflix.

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