ACTRESS TRIVIA: 15 Things About “Twenty Five Twenty One” Actress Bona (who plays Ko Yu Rim) + Her Instagram Account

Here are some trivia about Bona, who plays Ko Yu Rim in “Twenty Five Twenty One.”

1.) She is known for her stage name, Bona. But her real name is Kim Ji Yeon.
2.) Born on August 19, 1995, Bona is turning 27 this year.
3.) She debuted as a member—the lead dancer, rapper, visual, and vocalist—of Cosmic Girls (WJSN).

4.) Before transferring to Starship Entertainment, she was actually a Cube Entertainment trainee for 6 years.
5.) Hence, she’s close to the members of BTOB.
6.) She is the leader of WJSN’s sub-unit Wonder.
7.) She is friends with BLACKPINK member and “Snowdrop” actress Jisoo.

8.) Her debut drama is “Hit The Top” with Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Se Young, Kim Min Jae, and ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo.
9.) She then starred in more dramas including “Girls’ Generation 1979,” “Your House Helper,” and “Homemade Love Story.”
10.) She won the Best New Actress award for her portrayal as Lee Hae Deun in “Homemade Love Story.”

11.) In an interview via MBC’s “”Late Night Ghost Talk,” she once shared that back in middle school an adult man followed her home and tried to keep the door open. She was able to close it firmly, and got to ask her older brother to come home after the incident. (Thankfully, she was okay!)
12.) In an interview with Easy Magazine, she said that if she could swap bodies with her WJSN members, she would swap with the Chinese members since she wants to be good at Chinese. She also said that WJSN = 11 sisters.
13.) “Tick-Tock” is the WJSN song that she feels would represent her best.

14.) She also wants to be someone who can put others in a good mood when they see her.
15.) In an interview with “Radio Star,” the singer-actress shared that she had no idea that her stage name would be Bona. When people told her, “Congratulations for debuting, Bona,” she replied to them, “Who’s Bona?”

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