EXCLUSIVE: Kim Soo Hyun Talks About His Visit To The Philippines

In an email interview with Kim Soo Hyun for his drama “One Ordinary Day”, the actor talked about his visit in the Philippines. He narrated, “I traveled to the Philippines when I was young, and visited Manila for a promotion event as well.” He also mentioned his first impression of Filipino people, “I remembered there were a lot of people who welcomed me in the airport. I was grateful for the warm welcome from the fans wherever I went.”

The actor has been known to portray various characters in different types of genres—from romantic comedies like “My Love From The Star” to heavy dramas like “Moon Embracing The Sun” and “One Ordinary Day,” and even a series about mental health like “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.” Kim Soo Hyun is not one of Korea’s most highest paid actors for no reason.

When asked what kind of genre he prefers more, he answered, “Regardless of the genre, I care about the attractiveness of the character more. I would go for the characters if it makes me feel “I want to play the role” when reading the script.”

After his last project, Kim Soo Hyun talks about what he does in between filming. He answered, “I mainly rest at home and exercise hard as well. I go cycling a lot recently. If there is no shooting schedule, I will watch a movie or TV drama at home, or go out for exercise ordinarily.”

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