BTOB Has Reunited After 4 Years With 3rd Album [Be Together]

BTOB, who has reunited after 4 years, releases their 3rd Album [Be Together]. With the 10th anniversary of their debut, BTOB who has captivated the hearts of the audience through their Well-Made music is soon to open up a spectacular second chapter with the most ‘BTOB-like’ music.

The 3rd Album [Be Together] by BTOB is an album that conveys the message of being together forever by reflecting on the emotions and memories of the moments spent together. The title track ‘The Song’ continues the sentiment of the series ‘Missing You’, ‘Only one for me’, and ‘Beautiful Pain’, and sings of a love that will not change over time as candidly as the title itself. In addition, the atmosphere and emotions of the tracks the members wrote themselves will evoke spring nostalgia for many listeners who have been waiting for BTOB’s music.

BTOB defines ‘BLUE’ as ‘LOVE’ through their 3rd Album [Be Together]. ‘BLUE LOVE’ that BTOB aims to express can be seen from the visual mood of the album. The teaser images of the ‘Be Love’ version completed with a blue ocean contain the distant sentiment of the end of a cold winter, and the teaser images of the ‘Be Blue’ version with full-bloomed flowers express the enthusiasm of anticipation for a green spring. The music video aesthetically depicts deep longing and bursting excitement as the members connected by music and letters with memories gather and sing together.

BTOB is back with [Be Together], an album with their heartwarming sincerity as always. We hope that the blue love will resonate through BTOB’s ‘The Song’ that will paint the upcoming spring.

01. Intro : The Trace

Composed, Arranged by Hyun Sik Lim

This is a track that describes how fast time flies with dreamy piano sounds and footsteps from the season. BTOB who has been walking on a journey as long as 10 years, their Spring, which was their beginning has returned.

02. The Song

Composed by Hyun Sik Lim, MosPick

Lyrics by Hyun Sik Lim, Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by MosPick, Hyun Sik Lim

As singing is what BTOB has been acknowledged, the title of the track, ‘The Song’ is a song itself which they are most confident with. People listen to songs to reminisce and think of others. Whether it is a happy or sad memory, as time passes it all becomes a part of their reminiscence and this is a song that encompasses all that nostalgia and lonely emotion which everyone could relate to.

It contains what BTOB wanted to tell fans who have waited for a long time. LIM HYUNSIK who wrote ‘Missing You’ and producing team MosPick who wrote ‘It’s Okay’ joined forces and produce BTOB’s signature ballad that is more mature and complete in its quality.

‘The Song’ will melt everyone’s ears and heart with its lyrical and sincere sound with BTOB’s voice.

03. Blooming Day

Composed by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), AFTRSHOK, Geon Woo Kim

Lyrics by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by AFTRSHOK, Geon Woo Kim

‘Blooming Day’ is a groovy and trendy ballad song that sings about cold spring at the end of winter with a beautiful piano melody and emotive vocals. Especially pop infected melody and rap style, and rich string sound are highlights of the song and the dramatic mood is enhanced as the song progresses towards the end. 

Let’s find out a story of BTOB and Melody who are ready to start welcoming a new excitement at the end of a long farewell.

04. Be Together

Composed by Hyun Sik Lim, David Kang

Lyrics by Hyun Sik Lim, Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by David Kang

‘Be Together’ is a R&B soul track that is written by David Kang, who is acknowledged for songwriting and arrangement style of an elegant and rich pop vibe, and LIM HYUNSIK. BTOB’s more solid and mature voice on a twelve-eight rhythm will make your heart beat fast.

“This is our endless story.”

05. My Way

Composed, Arranged by Jae Woo Seo, Hyun Sik Lim

Lyrics by Hyun Sik Lim, Jae Woo Seo, Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

‘My Way’ is a Hip-hop track tinted with R&B elements, that conveys a positive and hopeful message about life until now and ahead. Instead of packing the song with techniques, each members’ unique and serene vocals, the analog synth and the fuzzy vintage electric guitar sound makes the song to be impressive.

06. Whiskey

Composed by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), AFTRSHOK, Geon Woo Kim

Lyrics by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by AFTRSHOK, Geon Woo Kim

The song ‘Whiskey’ is a track that captures listeners to be mesmerized by its sensual and sexy charms with its groovy rhythm. On top of ear-catching bassline, dynamic rap and rhythmical vocals along with the powerful chorus might make you feel tipsy with its glass of whiskey-like sound.

07. Interlude : Re

Composed, Arranged by Hyun Sik Lim

In a big narrative of the 3rd album “Be Together“, ‘Intro : The Trace’, ‘Outro : Encore’ and ‘Interlude : Re’ in the middle together elevates the degree of completion of the album.

Simple yet brain-melting piano melody lets listeners feel diverse emotions.

08. Lonely

Composed by Hyun Sik Lim, MosPick

Lyrics by Hyun Sik Lim, Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by MosPick, Hyun Sik Lim

’Lonely’ is a song that consists of feelings of loneliness that everyone feels. The pain of reflecting on the past is expressed with BTOB’s unique style with the majestic string sound making it sound almost as if you are listening to classical music.

The senses of voidness, poignancy, sadness and irreplaceable loneliness are expressed with BTOB’s vocals which allows many people to feel empathy with the song.

09. Dance With Me

Composed, Arranged by Hyun Sik Lim, Jae In Lee (ZAYSTIN), Sang Wook Han

Lyrics by Hyun Sik Lim, Jae In Lee (ZAYSTIN), Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

Dance With Me?

10. Higher

Composed by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), AFTRSHOK, Gi Beom Park

Lyrics by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by AFTRSHOK

‘Higher’ is a dance track that is full of wild energy with a powerful beat accompanied by dynamic electric guitar. The melody and the rap that cries out allow the song to be in stereo and diverse.

11. Thank You

Composed by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), AFTRSHOK, JOSEPH K

Lyrics by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel


‘Thank You’ is an attractive pop song with a sweet chord progression and a trendy structure. BTOB wishes to express thankfulness in this song with a mellow sound and warm tone.

Life is too short to be unhappy. What if everyone could live with a smile with a little bit more generous heart.

12. It’s All Good

Composed by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), AFTRSHOK, Geist Way

Lyrics by Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

Arranged by AFTRSHOK, Geist Way

‘It’s All Good’ is a song with refreshing sound with soft harmony and hopeful lyrics which the lyrical melody of the chorus part warms the heart of listeners.

When you need less than more, the song wishes to be a shelter for people with weary souls.

13. Outro : Encore

Composed, Arranged by Hyun Sik Lim, VINCENZO

Lyrics by Hyun Sik Lim, VINCENZO, Min Hyuk Lee (HUTA), Peniel

After the curtain falls there’s a small tremor that slowly started in the dark and silence and the scared heart becomes filled with shinning light, and we promise and sing a song to be forever together again. 

Starting with quiet piano performance, various instruments gradually fill the space. In the second half of the song, the members’ chanting and ad-lib contain the album’s final narrative, and it ends by illustrating the mixed emotions at the end of the waiting and the beginning of a new start.

If ‘The Song’ was carrying a message “I’ll call you”, the album’s outro, ‘Encore’, is telling a message to “Call me”, and these messages finally come together to complete the name of the album, “Be Together”. They will continue to leave their traces together.

“I will call you, and you call me.” by BTOB

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