INTERVIEW: Park Min Young Wanted To “Fall [In Love]” With Song Kang In “Forecasting Love And Weather”

During the press conference for “Forecasting Love And Weather,” Song Kang shared how he prepared for his character, Si Woo, he said, “I am a more cheery and innocent guy in this show, so I thought about how I’d portray him, and for his looks, I cut my hair short. Short hair left me with a clumsy and a dumb look,” to which the host, Park Seul Gi, replied with how he’ll probably look good even with his hair shaved.

With this, Park Min Young shared how it was like seeing Song Kang’s short hair look for the first time on the set of the drama. She said, “I had the first scene with him and he came to the set later than I did. Because of the COVID situations we sometimes experience delays. He came a few days later than [he] was supposed to, and, you know, you expect Song Kang to be handsome and cute and everything, but there wasn’t the Song Kang I expected. I was like, “Where’s Kang? We have a scene together today.” And there he was with funky short hair showing only half of his eyes.”

Park Min Young continued, “So I said to director Cha, “You know I never talk about how I’d appear on screen but this is wrong. [Song] Kang? Nope. So many people are going to watch the show just to see [Song] Kang!” So from then, we opened up his short bangs to show more of his face.

Despite Song Kang “being perfect as he is,” the actress had to make sure that Song Kang’s visuals were taken good care of (best sunbae, yes?)—to make him even more attractive than he already is. She replied, “I’m supposed to fall for him, so he’d better be.”

Additionally, she talked about how it was like working with Song Kang overall, “I loved it! I thought I was lucky to be able to work with such a hot, popular actor. Then I thought that I’ve seen Kang in dramas before and I always thought that there is more in him and that this time, maybe the director and I could further bring out his potential. Perhaps it’s because of the age difference, but I thought he has much more to show.”

“Forecasting Love And Weather is now streaming on Netflix

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