INTERVIEW: “Forecasting Love And Weather” Took 2 Years Of Research Before It Was Written; Song Kang And Park Min Young’s Acting Preparations

In an interview at the press conference of “Forecasting Love And Weather,” it was revealed that the series took 2 years of research before the drama was written. Director Cha explained, “I heard that screenwriter Sun Young actually thought of this premise a long long time ago. She researched the subject for over two years, and basically stayed at the KMA (Korea Meteorological Administration) for 8 months to do her research and learn from the folks there. I heard she stayed late into the night for two months.”

He then added, “When I was talking with her I felt that she found the weather and a person’s life to be quite similar. It’s really hard to see what’s coming for both. That’s what triggered her interest in the love and life of people who have to forecast weather, which is so hard to predict. Same with our show, we don’t exactly know how it’s going to turn out, but we keep on working, and likewise, forecasters have to keep on predicting the future and live on with their lives.”

Photo courtesy of: Netflix

Park Min Young and Song Kang’s Acting Preparations

Park Min Young shared her difficulties in terms of studying the terminologies for her role as Jin Ha Kyung, she said, “For medical dramas or legal dramas, there’re many out there so I had at least a vague idea of what their terminologies are and what kind of tone they talk in. But the KMA was a place I had no idea of. There weren’t many sources to study from. There was just this documentary where a KMA professional appeared to introduce the place. So I used that as a base from which I built my character on. It was fun yet challenging. At first, I thought this was going to just be fun, but it actually turned out to be one of the most challenging projects I’ve taken on. But that actually made me more proud.”

Song Kang also talked about his preparation for his role as Lee Si Woo, “I wanted to look like I didn’t really care about my looks. So that’s what happened with my outfit and my hair. The most challenging part was the terminology. It really didn’t stick. I saw documentaries many times and actually, the professionals, too, stuttered sometimes during their presentations.” Hence, he shared there were times when he thought it was natural for his character to stutter sometimes.

People’s Feelings Are Like The Changing Weather

Director Cha revealed that the episode titles are related to people and the weather. He explained, “So, every episode of our show has a title. The first “Signal”, the second “Wind Chill Temp”… So these weather terminologies are episode titles and each episode deals with the weather relevant to that respective terminology and how those conditions are forecast and reported. Incidents in our lives, which really resemble those weather terminologies, are imbued into the story and portrayed. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Park Min Young also added how the weather is similar to Ha Kyung’s feelings, she recited a quote from a documentary: “If there’s unforecast rain, those are my teardrops falling”. And said, “I think that’s exactly how they feel. They have so much passion for weather, and I got ideas from that attitude.”

The series is now streaming on Netflix.

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