“All Of Us Are Dead” Will Have A Season 2? Director Says He Has Season 2 In Mind

Director Lee Jae Gyu says in an interview with SPOTVnews, “I had season 2 in mind… it will be a survival period for zombies.”

When asked for the possibility of a second season, “I think it would be great if we could do season 2. The story itself was set with season 2 in mind, so if season 2 came out, it could be a little more interesting and expanded. It feels like a survival period.”

If the second season gets produced, it will also tackle the asymptomatic zombies (also known as half-bies or hambies) like Gwi Nam, Nam Ra, and Eun Ji’s immortality. He explained, “It can be collectively referred to as a semi-infected person. It is not in a state of not having a disease because of the presence of very strong antibodies. Eunji and Gwinam turn into zombies after they die, but they are undead zombies who became zombies while they were alive. They used the collective name of Immortals. There are two things: Immune people cannot infect others. Immortals are beings that can infect others. Rather, it is because I am exposed to various human societies.”

Hence, if Cheong San is a hambie, he could be alive.

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Director Lee, however, stated that “Nothing has been confirmed, but if this story goes on to the second or third series in the future, it seems like it could have an extended value.”

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