ACTOR TRIVIA: 10 Things About “All Of Us Are Dead” Actor Yoo In Soo (who plays Yoon Gwi Nam) + His Instagram Account, Interview, And Next Projects

Here are some fun trivia about Yoo In Soo, who plays Yoon Gwi Nam “All Of Us Are Dead.”

1.) Yoo In Soo was born on March 25, 1998. He is turning 24 years old this year.
2.) He starred in various hit dramas including his debut series “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” in 2017, followed by “While You Were Sleeping,” “School 2017,” “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty,” “At Eighteen,” and “Love Alarm,” among others.

3.) Aside from “All Of Us Are Dead,” he also starred as a bully in the 2021 drama “At A Distance, Spring Is Green.”
4.) In an interview during the press conference for “All Of Us Are Dead”, Yoo In Soo talked about his character. He said, “I play the role of Yoon Gwi-nam. He is a notorious bully. And among his crew of friends, he always ranks second. So he has a hangup about that. and he does whatever’s necessary to survive. And he becomes an even bigger threat to the survivors rather than the zombies.”

5.) According to Yoon Chan Young (who plays Cheong San), Yoo In Soo sings really well. Their director, Lee JQ, also noted, “So, I – first of all, I want to say In-soo, he’s really a great singer. I think you’re going to have to give him a second chance later on at singing.”
6.) He also revealed how difficult their training for the action scenes of “All Of Us Are Dead” was. He said, “We had a group training session before the shooting. And we had all these people together, right? And there’s me, Lomon, Chan-young – we have a lot of action scenes so we had a separate training session just for the three of us. I didn’t know that it would be that intense.”

He then added, “So, we had our breakfast and everything, but the special training for the three of us was really really difficult. So we had the first 20 minutes, and I couldn’t control myself. I couldn’t control my body. I went to the bathroom and I threw up, and I was coming out and I saw someone else who was also vomiting. So, we could check what we ate for breakfast. It was

7.) Yoo In Soo agrees that him, Yoon Chan Young, and Park Solomon are “best friends forever.”
8.) According to his co-stars, In Soo would most likely be the one to survive a zombie outbreak.
9.) His next projects include “Return” and the upcoming drama “Flying Butterflies.”

10.) He is under Management Koo. The agency also houses T-ARA’s Eunjung.

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