ACTRESS TRIVIA: 7 Things About “All Of Us Are Dead” Actress Lee Eun Saem (who plays Park Mi Jin) + Her Instagram Account

Here are some fun trivia about Lee Eun Saem, who plays Park Min Ji in “All Of Us Are Dead.”

1.) Born on October 10, 1999, Lee Eun Saem is turning 23 years old this year.
2.) She started acting at the age of 8 via the 2007 series “Landscape In My Heart,” and then the 2008 drama “Elephant.”

3.) She then took a break, and then starred in her first drama series after 9 years, “Sweet Revenge.”
4.) She then appeared in dramas such as “The Miracle We Met,” “Bad Papa,” “Black Dog,” and, most recently, “The Red Sleeve” and “All Of Us Are Dead.”

5.) The actress was also in the movies “Midnight Runners,” “Innocent Witness,” and “The Fault Is Not Yours.”

6.) She actually filmed a kids’ show together with NCT’s Jisung.

7.) Her exercise routine consists of doing pilates.

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