5 Questions Unanswered And Reasons Why “All Of Us Are Dead” Needs A Second Season

Ranking first in Netflix’s Top 10, “All Of Us Are Dead” is proving its global appeal to viewers of all ages in 91 different countries. With its immense popularity, will “All Of Us Are Dead” have a second season?

Here are five reasons why the series needs to be renewed for a season two.

1.) Nam Ra and the half-bies
We’re still left hanging on what really happened to Nam Ra during the time she wasn’t with the group. We also want to know who are the other half-bies who were with her. And, aside from immortality plus superior strength and speed, what else can they do? How will their role play out as part of the all-human society?

Photo: Netflix, “All Of Us Are Dead”

Additionally, is Cheong San a half-bie? How about their teacher who started the whole thing?

2.) Where is Cheong San and Gwi Nam?
We know that zombies “die” when they get burned, but there’s not enough evidence that half-bies also cease to exist when they explode or burn to pieces. (Think “Hellbound.”) Hence, could Cheong San and Gwi Nam actually be alive? (We’ve never really seen the group confirm their “deaths” or even get a glimpse of their “bodies,” if any.)

3.) Exploring LGBTQ+ themes
Park Mi Jin wasn’t confirmed to be part of the LGBTQ+ community, but we do know that Hari is her type. As both Mi Jin and Hari survived, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to explore the possibility of romance, or even camaraderie. Either way, a powerful female duo is what we all need.

Photo: Netflix, “All Of Us Are Dead”

4.) High school romance?
Will the “ships” continue to sail? Both “couples”—Su Hyeok and Nam Ra, Cheong San and On Jo—romantic relationships just started. It would be nice to see how their stories will flesh out, if a second season happens. Plus, how this will affect the people around them.

5.) Life after the apocalypse
What happens to Hyo San and its neighboring cities? How about the children that team babysitters’ club—police officers Song Jae Ill and Jeon Ho Cheol—”adopted”? Will we see them grow up? Will we ever see Hyo San’s revival, if ever?

What do you want to see in “All Of Us Are Dead,” if a season two happens?

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