INTERVIEW: Cheong San Has On Jo’s Name Tag On His Phone In Real Life; Gwi Nam Added His But Cheong San Took It Off

In an interview during their cast members’ press conference for Netflix’s “All Of Us Are Dead,” Yoon Chan Young (who plays Cheong San) was revealed to have added On Jo’s (portrayed by Park Ji Hu) name tag on his phone.

He explained, “We would print out the nametag stickers of everyone. And at the time, I wanted to show Cheong-san and On-jo’s relationship. Cheong-san wanted to protect On-jo and put her before his own safety. So I wanted to make sure that I become that character. I wanted to think about On-jo every day, I think about how I could protect her, be nice to her. So that’s why I stuck On-jo’s nametag on the back of my phone. I think it was there all throughout when I was filming the series.”

Yoo In Soo (who plays Gwi Nam), however, revealed that On Joo’s name tag wasn’t the only name on his phone—as In Soo actually added his name tag but said that Chan Young took it off.

He narrated, “Well, first of all, I have to explain some things. I don’t know how you know this. It’s actually that Chan-young and I are very close friends. You mentioned the sticker that Chan-young had on his phone, right? I actually put my nametag on Chan-young’s phone. I wrote my
character’s name Yoon Gwi-nam, and the next day on set, I noticed that he took it off. So I
was very hurt.”

In soo then added, “Yes. And I have to let you all know that all of my co-stars here, they really didn’t want my name sticker. But Chan-young, we talk every day, he’s a close friend of mine. And to see that he personally took my nametag off his phone, I was very hurt.”

Chan Young then explained, “So, the sticker got wet, and it fell off,” and added that only In Jo’s name tag stuck strongly until the end. In soo then refuted, “That makes absolutely no sense. The stickers are all waterproof, they were very well-made. So, he’s lying and I’m hurt is all I’m going to say.”

Their characters, Cheong San and Gwi Nam, are enemies in the series, but the two are actually really close friends. Chan Young even noted that In Soo sings really well, and they both picked each other as the person who would survive a zombie apocalypse.

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