ACTRESS TRIVIA: 10 Things About Park Ji Hu (Who Plays Nam On Jo In “All Of Us Are Dead”) + Interview, Instagram, And Next Projects

Here are some trivia about Park Ji Hu, who plays Nam On Joo in “All Of Us Are Dead.”

1.) Born on November 7, 2003, Park Ji Hu is turning 19 this year.
2.) Her debut series was in “Sweet Revenge 2,” while her debut film was in “Vanishing Time: The Boy Who Returned.”
3.) She also starred in the drama “Beautiful World,” and was in the movies”Fabricated City,” “The Witness,” and “House of Hummingbird.”

4.) Her next starring film is in the disaster movie “Concrete Utopia,” alongside big names such as Park Seo Joon (“Itaewon Class”), Lee Byung Hun (“Mr. Sunshine), and Park Bo Young (“Doom At Your Service”).
5.) She will star Oh In Hye, the youngest of three sisters in the upcoming drama “Little Women.” The drama also stars Kim Go Eun (“Yumi’s Cells”), Nam Ji Hyun (“Witch’s Diner”), and Wi Ha Joon (“Squid Game”).
6.) She won various Best New Actress awards for her portrayal in the film “House Of Hummingbird.”

7.) In an interview during the press conference for “All Of Us Are Dead,” she said that she wants to star in a romcom and an action series. She explained, “I am now an adult, I am now 20 years [Korean age] old. So I really want to be a lead in a lovely rom-com and in this series. [Additionally,] On-jo is – she’s not one that’s really in the midst of all the heated action scenes, but I really admired how my co-cast members did those scenes. So, I would like to be in a very action-filled series as well. And I want to show you as much of myself as possible.”

8.) She also said that her “All Of Us Are Dead” character, On Jo, is similar to her real-life personality. She described her as “the typical K-highschooler and a little bit clumsy.”
9.) Park Ji Hu also talked about her character, “I play the role of Nam On-jo. She’s a junior, she’s very popular for her upbeat, down-to-earth personality. And her father is a firefighter, so she has these survival skills that her father has taught her. These kind of come in handy at times of a crisis. She is also very smart.”

10.) The actress also explained how she was able to juggle school and acting. She expounded, “Yes, at the time, I was the same age as On-jo. Now, I’m 20. But at the time, I was a junior in
high school. Yes. Sometimes, I would have the mid-terms and then go to the set. I would be there in my actual school uniform and then change into a school uniform. And all the cast were very nice to me, and they would give me some advice on how to get into college, and they would talk to me about the adult society.”

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