ACTRESS TRIVIA: 12 Things About Cho Yi Hyun (Who Plays Choi Nam Ra In “All Of Us Are Dead”) + Interview and Instagram

Here are some trivia about Cho Yi Hyun, who plays Choi Nam Ra in “All Of Us Are Dead.”

1.) Cho Yi Hyun was born on December 8, 1999. She is turning 23 this year.
2.) Cho Yi Hyun debuted in 2018 via “Bad Papa,” she then starred in various other dramas such as “How To Buy A Friend,” “Less Than Evil,” and “My Country: The New Age.” She was also in the movies “Metamorphosis” and “Homme Fatale.”
3.) The actress was also in “Hospital Playlist” seasons 1 and 2 as intern doctor Jang Yun Bok.
4.) She starred in “School 2021” as the female lead, Jin Ji Won, alongside Kim Yohan.

5.) She won the Best Couple Award with Kim Yohan at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards for their roles in “School 2021.”
6.) She was in 2PM’s Wooyoung’s music video “뚝.”

7.) Her Instagram account @yihyun_1208 now has 300k+ followers, as of writing. Her following is growing everyday due to her role in “All Of Us Are Dead.”

8.) During the press conference for “All Of Us Our Dead,” she talked about her character, Nam Ra. She said, “I am at the top of my class, I’m the class president. My name is Nam-ra in the series. She always wears earphones because she doesn’t want to talk to her friends. She cuts herself off from the rest of the school,” she then realized that this wasn’t who Nam Ra really is deep inside. She then added, “Sorry, I think I introduced someone else just now. Sorry about that. no, this isn’t what Nam-ra is like. Nam-ra breaks down her walls while joining forces with her friends to survive.”

9.) She also talked about how it’s like to portray many roles as a high school student. She explained, “So being in a series with a school background, I’m just so grateful and feel very lucky to play a lot of characters wearing school uniforms. I think I look pretty good in a school uniform, and I am thankful that I am cast in these student roles. I have a rather younger-looking face, which might be the secret to my being able to play these roles. And if I am lucky enough to be given more opportunities, I’m very willing to play more high schooler roles.”

10.) Kim Yohan describes her as “very shy” at first, but becomes “energetic and bold” once you get to know her.

11.) Yoon Se Ah (from “SKY Castle”) and Woo Do Hwan (from “The King Eternal Monarch”) are both following her on Instagram.

12.) She likes Mint Chocolate, and her favorite fruit is green grapes. 🍇

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