ACTOR TRIVIA: 15 Things About Park Solomon (Who Plays Lee Su Hyeok in “All Of Us Are Dead”) + Interview, Instagram, And Next Project

Here are some trivia about Park Solomon, who plays Lee Su Hyeok in “All Of Us Are Dead.”

1.) His full name is Park Solomon, but goes by his nickname Lomon.
2.) Born on November 11, 1999, he will be turning 23 years old this year.
3.) “All Of Us Are Dead” is his comeback Korean project, his last drama was in “Sweet Revenge” (2017) as Ji Hoon. During the press conference for “All Of Us Are Dead,” Park Solomon talked about why he decided to join the cast. He said, “For me, when I first read the script, I was completely immersed in the story. I cried and laughed together with the script. The script was extremely intriguing and I just really wanted to be a part of it. And when I heard who the director was, I felt like I have to be here.”

4.) He was the young Hong Ji Hong (portrayed by Kim Rae Won) in the series “Doctors,” which also stars Park Shin Hye.
5.) His debut drama was in “Bride Of The Century” back in 2014.
6.) He was also in dramas “Lookout”, “Shopaholic Louis”, and “Legendary Witch.”
7.) Park Solomon starred in the film “Horror Stories III” as PZ3000.

8.) He is 183cm tall (or 6’ft in height).
9.) Park Solomon was actually part of another Webtoon adaptation, he was in the Chinese live-action version of the Korean Webtoon “Lookism.”
10.) He studied in Apgujeong High School, the school where TWICE’s Nayeon studied.
11.) His Instagram @lomon991111 now has 400k+ followers, as of writing.

12.) He is a fan of BIGBANG!
13.) When talking about his character in “All Of Us Are Dead,” Park Solomon said that Su Hyeok is sort of a leader. He explained, “I play the role of Su-hyeok. He wants to be in the army later on. He wants to be a soldier. So, he uses all his might to protect his friends at the zombie outbreak. He goes all out and he takes on dangerous tasks. So he’s kind of like a leader.”
14.) His MBTI personality is INFP-T, which is described to be idealistic and empathetic.

15.) Already known for his good looks, Park Solomon said in an interview that he really tried to look good on screen. He said during the press conference for “All Of Us Are Dead, “So, in the script, it says that Su-hyeok is a role who is good-looking and who uses his body well. No, that was actually a joke, but I did try to look as good-looking as possible on screen. I just concentrated on making it as real as possible.

NEXT DRAMA: His next project will reportedly be in Disney+’s ” Third Person Revenge,” alongside Shin Ye Eun.

Watch All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix.

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