Choi Woo Shik And Kim Dami Wants To Reunite And Star As Married Couple In Another Project

In an interview via Daum, Choi Woo Shik (who plays Choi Ung) talked about wanting to work with Kim Dami (who plays Kook Yeon Su) again in another project. He said, “After fighting each other (in “The Witch”) and falling in love in this drama (“Our Beloved Summer”), [shouldn’t the next roles be] a cool parting couple?” He then added, “I think it would be fun to see them living together as a couple.”

He also talked about his off-screen relationship with the actress, “Our friendship helped a lot on set. I think that good acting came out because Kim Da-mi took good care of the things I needed (for acting).”

In a separate interview, as seen on Naver, the actress also talked about their chemistry while filming. Kim Dami said, “The chemistry was really good. It was fun filming, and we already knew each other. Since we are already close, we were able to film comfortably. As we approach, I had so much fun filming it that I thought it wasn’t possible without Woo Shik’s Ung.”

She also talked about their intimate scenes, “When we were filming for skinship, it was awkward at first because we were close friends. After we became comfortable, I felt like we were Ung and Yeon Su. I really wanted us to look like Ung and Yeon Su.”

Kim Dami also agreed that she, too, wants to try starring as a married couple. She explained, “I want to try the role of a married couple. I think I can do it more comfortably. I was attached to the action genre in my previous work, “Witch,” but I want to try a lot of things that have various emotions. I also want to try it once [portraying a married couple]. I think it will be a lot of fun if it’s with Woo Shik oppa,” she smiled.

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