EPISODE RECAP HIGHLIGHTS: “Snowdrop” Episode 13 — Top 4 Game Changers

Here are some highlights from the 13th episode of Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo’s “Snowdrop.”

1.) Chungya
Chungya pulled a couple of strings to save everyone in the dorm by becoming the “bait” when Nam Tae Il decided to take over the dorm. By letting her comrades strap (fake) bombs on her body, Nam Tae Il retreated with his men. Chungya was also the mastermind behind planning on cutting off the money source between South and North. But is she really up to the mission to save the dorm, or will she just run off with the money?

2.) Nam Tae Il
Nam Tae Il was revealed to have been behind fellow presidential aspirant Eun Chang Su’s shooting incident and the one who wants to blow up the dorm—an election ploy. Hanna was also able to dig into his secret affair with Chungya by obtaining evidence in an attempt to save everyone residing at the dorm, by using his weakness—Chungya and their relationship.

3.) Young Ro’s Parents
Turns out Eun Chang Su wasn’t in a critical condition, and his wife, Hong Ae Ra, was aware. She then proceeds to believe that her husband must have been destined to become president after a sniper missed shooting a critical spot.

4.) Comrades
Tension rise between Soo Ho and Gang Mu, as Gang Mu refuses to trust Chungya, while Soo Ho decided to bet on her.

5.) Eun Young Ro’s Real Identity
Not knowing about her father’s real condition, Eun Young Ro’s devastated. Bun Ok also found out about Eun Young Ro’s real identity as the daughter of the ANSP Director, and is planning on telling everyone.

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